Mission Statement
The Humane Society of Nacogdoches County (HSNC) was founded in the late 1950s by Roger and Charlotte Montgomery, along with Winifred Hall, with a commitment to educating our community in the humane care and treatment of animals as well as preventing animal cruelty and suffering. Last year, throughout the United States, 5 million animals were killed in shelters. Nacogdoches County alone put to death 2914 animals while only 716 were adopted out to homes. It is the personal goal of each member of the Board of Directors of the HSNC to see these numbers reversed. We strongly believe that education is the solution to the problem of this ongoing euthanasia. The board is developing a new humane education curriculum to be introduced in all interested Nacogdoches County schools. It is our conviction that the answer to unwanted animals lies in educating young people on the importance of humane animal care, spay/neuter, and shelter adoption programs. We are working to ensure that every animal in Nacogdoches County has a home. What an achievement it will be to build a future for our community based on compassion. After all, kindness to animals helps create a better world for us all!